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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Christopher Columbus and other Migrants

disclaimer: People are not illegal - actions are illegal
by Glenn Robinson

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506)

Born in Italy.
Worked for Spain.

While looking for a shorter route to Asia, Columbus sailed west from Europe, instead of east and landed on the island of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti). This landing started the invasions, murders, rapes, disease outbreaks, theft and colonization of the Americas.

Columbus was not the first to discover the Americas. Indigenous Amerindians discovered it first when they migrated from Asia.

Next, Bjarni Herjólfsson, a Norse (Norwegian) explorer was the first known European to discover the mainland of the Americas, which he sighted in 985 or 986.

Leif Ericson, another Norwegian, with the knowledge from Herjólfsson,  lead an expedition that landing in North America, about 500 years before Columbus.


Glenn is of the Irish, German, Dutch, English, and Austrian diaspora; taken by Charo who is of Spanish and Amerindian heritage. They have two children (made in California). He likes sociology, anthropology, psychology & history. Check his work and connect with him at CommunityVillage.US